Cue R.E.M., one more time

Rapture sign -- Holding up well after 14 years...

Image by marcn via Flickr

Harold Camping‘s third apocalypse/Rapture prediction will be here tomorrow.

Instead of mocking him today, I’ll remind everyone that his multi-million dollar Family Radio network is funded almost exclusively by donations, comprises 65 stations around the United States and has a worldwide reach. People believe this guy, to the point of giving him millions of dollars. I can guarantee that many of those donors can ill-afford to give away their money, just to give a lunatic a massively large megaphone.  And all things considered, this guy is small bananas.

Robert Jeffress, the senior pastor of Dallas First Baptist Church, a horrid little creep of a guy who briefly made the news a couple of weeks ago at the “Values Voter Summit” calling Mormonism a “cult”, says Camping’s a loon. By this point, the pot and the kettle have settled their differences, made some popcorn and are sitting back to watch and learn from the masters.

I’ll resurrect (hah!) a post I made back in May for Camping’s second blown prediction:

If you think Camping is mistaken about the Rapture only because he predicted the wrong DATE, all of the jokes on the Internet over the next couple of days are about you, too.

Have a fun End of the World, everyone.  I’m going to spend it thinking about things I believe that may be wrong.  Thank goodness I haven’t spent my life savings on any of them yet.