Free healthcare for everyone at the ER!

People who are depressed and don’t have healthcare can just wait until they (unsuccessfully) attempt suicide, and then they get free healthcare at the ER! YAY AMERICA!

Of course, if they’re successful, then problem solved.

The “everyone in the US has free healthcare because they can just go to the ER” argument is one of the most cold-hearted, callous, whatever-word-best-describes-the-opposite-of-empathy ones out there, and can only legally be used by a person who doesn’t know what asthma, diabetes, breast/prostate/cervical/ovarian/colon cancer, glaucoma or heart disease are.

If anyone you know (like a Presidential candidate, for example, on 60 Minutes) uses that argument, then they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Which, ironically, would be treatable at the ER.


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