How not to be happy

An Irish priest has been asked to leave his parish and take a sabbatical owing to some gay porn he had on a computer and accidentally showed to parents. To be honest, I just feel bad for this guy. Most probably a man who, thanks to the Church, has felt guilty his entire life for being who he is and feeling what he feels. Quite possibly pushed into the ministry to help quell his “un-Biblical” desires. Living a celibate lifestyle because of his Church’s disapproval should he choose to be part of a loving, consensual relationship with who he truly wants.

How much of that was his choice, versus what was imposed on him? And to top it all off, the Church that is now throwing him out of the only life he’s known is the very Church that has been embroiled in huge scandals in Ireland regarding the decades-long perpetration and concealment of child abuse, or in Spain for tearing babies away from their mothers and forcing them up for adoption. This is the organization that claims the moral ground and feels worthy of the authority to disapprove of him.

“The church reported the incident to police, who said no crime had been committed.”

I disagree. But it’s not the crime the church thinks.

May this be the opportunity for him to find the freedom and happiness he most probably deserves. But he won’t find it in his church.


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