Obama (D) vs. Obama (R)

Romney’s opponents for the GOP nomination seem to be really pushing the argument that he is “too similar” to Obama on policies and positions. Not a stretch, to be fair, especially with the PPACA front and center in the news. Rick Santorum in particular, especially in his recent “bullshit” rant against NTY reporter Jeff Zeleny, appears to be hammering the issue that Romney is a terrible candidate because of perceived similarities between the PPACA and the Massachusetts healthcare insurance reform law that Romney signed.

But considering he’s the GOP frontrunner, it seems to me that Romney’s opponents are making the case that the vast majority of the country apparently wants either Obama… or someone who is not very different from Obama. So they are setting up the November vote to be a decision on whether people want to vote for the (current President) Democrat Obama or the Republican version of Obama, who is kind of similar if you squint.

Is that such a great position for the GOP to take, with Romney all but guaranteed the nomination?  Is that the message they really want to send?  That, hey, maybe this Obama guy’s ideas aren’t that bad after all, since we’re sending in a nominee that is kind of hard to distinguish from the guy who is already in the position…  It seems to undermine the call for change quite effectively.

Not that I am complaining.  Imitation, after all, is the sincerest form of flattery.


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