Wonder why we need separation of Church and State? Well, here’s a good example, just from tonight. Is this the kind of leadership you want? Lies about being forbidden from praying “in public places” and telling non-Christians to “get out” of the United States? Sprinkle in some ugly homophobia and you’ve got yourself a sermon.

What I always find amusing about these videos is that they are asking their god to “allow the man in office You want” (meaning Rick Santorum in this case), but they claim to know their own god’s will well enough to assume that has not already happened. How can they claim to know?

By the way, here’s a tax-exempt organization that is in dire need of losing that status, which doesn’t allow them to organize for or support any candidate. You pay taxes so that Pastor Dennis Terry and the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church don’t have to. But if you’re not a Christian, you’re not welcome in his version of this country.

You’re welcome in my version, though.  And I vote too.

Join us on Thursday 22nd at Sweeney’s Saloon to discuss this and many other separation issues!


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