Quite the letter…

The Obama administration will no longer defend blocking military benefits from same-sex couples.

This is pretty stunning: there is little in this decision and the associated letter that could not be eventually used as an argument for equal protection and equal rights for the full raft of Federal rights and benefits… even, in fact, to the point of claiming that not allowing same-sex married couples to seek citizenship for one of the partners would be against the equal protection clause of the Fifth Amendment. Not as-is, not today, but it’s a smaller leap from here and now to there than it was from 4 years ago to here. This may not seem to be huge, but it most definitely is.

Now point at anyone on the list of GOP candidates and tell me that any of their administrations would take an action similar to this one. And no, Ron Paul’s wouldn’t: he supports the DOMA, and criticized the current administration’s position on not arguing in its favor.

And then tell me that both political parties are all the same. OR better yet, tell the defendants in McLaughlin v. Panetta, the case referenced in this letter, and tell them that their medical and dental benefits, housing, travel and transportation allowances, hospital visitation rights, survivor benefits and rights to be buried together in military cemeteries would have been granted if Rick Santorum were president.


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