At first blush, a good compromise

When JFK was in the process of being elected, there was huge concern that the Vatican would be setting the agenda in Washington, and (Catholic) President Kennedy had to reassure everyone that wouldn’t happen.

Half a century later the concern is that we’re not all respecting the Pope’s position on contraception… a position that by most accounts and surveys, even Catholics mostly ignore.

My tax money goes to support these tax-exempt organizations, and I’m offended by their position. Where’s my exemption? I don’t want to support their oppression, just like they don’t want to support women having reproductive choices. As soon as I get my exemption, they can get theirs.

But now my head is spinning a bit from the White House compromise on the insurance-covered contraception issue exemption for religious institutions. While I have yet to see the details, it sounds… like a great compromise? I’m not used to hearing the phrase “Democrats compromise on…” without parsing it as “Democrats shatter their spines bending over backwards on…”, but this seems extraordinarily reasonable, and well-considered.

The President said that “no woman’s health should depend on where she works.” Thank you, Mr. President, that’s exactly the heart of this issue.

And the Catholic Health Organization AND Planned Parenthood agreeing on an issue? That’s a first.

The Catholic Bishops came across poorly, and out of touch overall in this debate: “Sources familiar with White House thinking on the matter have said the administration is convinced approval from conservative Catholics is out of reach, and is trying to win over more progressive Catholics.” No kidding.


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