Shutting down discrimination: how to support it

A while ago I posted on FB news of the Catholic Charities in Illinois preferring to leave kids out in the cold rather than be “forced” to not discriminate against gay parents (in order to receive millions of dollars in tax money from the state).

Well, good riddance to them, as I said back then. Secular groups (that don’t feel that having two moms or two dads is actually worse than being abandoned) stepped up and took over the kids’ cases to make sure they didn’t fall through the gaps. A lot of my friends (you online folks especially) had good, interesting comments and responses to the discussion.

Here’s a chance to put your money where your “Like” is: this is the Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley, one of the groups that stepped up. I think they are worthy of a little of your consideration and thanks this year. Theirs is the kind of supportive, non-discriminatory help we should be encouraging, and the best way to help promote their cause is by donating.


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